Discover more from the website you have found

Discover more from the website you have found

Found engaging content on a new website? Then, there is a chance for even more exciting pages waiting for you to discover! But how can you do it if the navigation on that particular website is not intuitive enough or if there is too much content to verify it all? Use our new feature and find everything interesting almost instantly.

Native solutions

Many websites on the internet implement a custom solution to browse the most popular pages, articles, images, or other types of content they are serving. Sometimes it works great, but the website owner can manipulate it to redirect you to the content they want you to view. In other cases, they may have an unintuitive interface, and sometimes this feature is just missing.

With Disclave, we want to provide you a simple solution that works the same way for every website on the internet and is based only on our user’s voice, without any manipulation.

Discover more

If you check any website on Disclave, you will see a new section on the right from the comments or below them if you are browsing on a mobile device. This section contains two lists, one with the top-rated pages and another one with the most commented pages.

Discover more example
Discover more example

All pages in those ranking have the same origin website. So, for example, if you check comments for a Wikipedia article, you will find the other Wikipedia pages automatically selected based on our users’ comments and votes.

Help us build the community

Nothing shows up for the website you have checked? Probably you are the first of our users that have reviewed this website on Disclave. So please, vote for this page and leave a comment to help future users. Even a simple interaction allows us to build a more significant community.